Today We lost a very dear friend. Our 20 year old cat Punkin "Punk" died after a long illness. His passing was quick and painless. Punk was found at the tender age of 4 weeks under the bleachers at the fairgrounds in Brenham. He was very small and could fit in your shirt pocket. From those humble beginnings he went on to live 20 wonderful years with an owner who loved and cherished him. I only knew him for 6 of his 20 years, but during that time I grew to love him. He had a personality that was very endearing and lovable although at times he could be a real pain as most pets can be. Over the last few months he had weathered several seizures and near death experiences but pulled thru them rather well, all things considered. Punk was a unique cat who had endured many hardships over his lifetime, But, he persevered and lived the life that a cat was meant to live.